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My Story As A Wills and Trust Attorney

Hello, I am Russ Pike. I am an Oregon and Washington Wills and Trust attorney and would like to be your Wills and Trust attorney. I am also husband and father to five children, and grandfather to five grandchildren, and companion to two dogs. My world revolves around my family and I know I’m willing to do anything to ensure they will be taken care of, no matter what, if something were to happen to me. My clients feel the same way.

I love what I do. I feel so fortunate to be able to help people to with their planning for unexpected situations of incapacity, whether it be from an automobile accident, development of a disease like cancer, or loss of mental capacity. In addition, when I set down with my clients we discuss their values, what is important to them, what assets they have, who they owe money to, what their family members are like, if any family members have special needs, do their children want to go to college or need help with everyday expenses, is there a need to delay some gifts after death, do they have children from a prior marriage, or what are their concerns that keep them up at night. Only after listening to my clients can I discovered their needs, wants, and special unique situations. Only then do we start the planning process for wealth transfer at death and incapacity planning during life.  Doing your estate planning is one of the most un-selfish things you can do for your family.

Life Does Not Always Go As Planned.

 Family members can become disabled, people contract diseases, people fall and surfer physical and mental incapacity and lapses, and unexpected accidents can lead to disastrous results. In addition, the relationship and financial disasters such as debt, loss of investments, divorce, judgments, partnership splits, bankruptcy and pre-mature death are often looming on the horizon.  Yes, it is quite a challenge to manage your life and provide for your family when all these arrows of hurt are waiting to happen.  My job is to make sure your family doesn’t collapse after your disability or death, or the disability or passing of a loved one. Often the stress of life events or death can place a family at each other’s throats when these bad things happen. With proper counsel and planning, your family can hold together as a family if something should happen to you.

We Are All Busy People

family spousal electionI am a lawyer and a businessman. I own my own law practice. I know what it is like to work long hours, incur stress, and experience the emotional and financial the ups and downs of life. Before owning my own law firm, I worked at large firms for long hours, with pressure to “bring in new business.”  When I started my own law firm, I committed to practicing law for the benefit and convenience of my clients. I think I am busy as a lawyer. What I have learned over the years almost all of my clients are just as busy as or busier than I am. Whether it is a full time job, traveling on business, attending to all the needs of a household, running errands or attending soccer matches, my clients are busy people with little time for estate planning, handling probate when a loved one dies, or dealing with long term care.

A Different Type of Lawyer

When I opened the doors to my law practice, I vowed that I would have a different type of practice that worked for my clients and not make it difficult or expensive to obtain the legal help they needed. My goal is to make it convenient, affordable, and non-stressful for you to put the planning protection you need for your family in place. I try to make taking care of life and death planning for your family as convenient, pleasant and painless and as possible.

At Pike Professional Legal Services, You Are the Most Important Person

Here is how we are different in taking care of your needs:

  • We offer an initial free consultation where we not only discuss options for estate planning, but I listen to you while you tell me about your family, your values, what you have, who you owe, what you would like to accomplish, and special situations;
  • I will answer all your questions and not rush you, I want you to feel free to ask questions without being billed for every time you call with a short question;
  • I come to you to do your estate planning. Whether it is your office, your home, a local coffee house, or another location, I will meet with you at a location convenient for you;
  • For people who prefer it, consolations other than the final signing of documents can be done by telephone, skype, go to meeting or other telecommunications resource;
  • Appointments are set at a time convenient for you. I am flexible on meeting times and will upon request meet in the evening or week-ends to meet your schedule;
  • When it is time to sign all your planning documents, I will bring a mobile notary with me so you can sign your documents where it is convenient for you;
  • At the end of our initial consultation, I will offer you options for planning based on the information you have provided to me and you will make the final decision;
  • Your planning process will be with me, you will not be passed to paralegals or other attorneys;
  • Because I come to you and don’t have a big fancy office with lots of overhead, I try to make my fees as affordable and reasonable as possible for my clients;
  • There are no surprises. When you decide on your plan, you will be quoted a fee that is fixed and you will know what is included and the exact cost;
  • Clients pay the estate planning fee up front when they agree to go forward with their plan. Since there are no receivables to collect, the fees are more moderate; and
  • If you are in need of Probate for a deceased loved one, the fees are charged on an hourly basis, and are presented to the Probate Court for approval prior to payment.

Some Interesting Facts about Your Attorney

family-1466274_1280How did I get qualified to prepare your estate plan or handle your probate?

In addition to over thirty years of representing clients in the Northwest, I am a devoted alumni of UCLA (GO BRUINS) where I received a BA in Economics and a MBA concentrating on finance and planning to go to law school.  However, after obtaining my MBA, I served in the United States Army overseas and returned to work in finance for Toyota Motor Sales. While working at Toyota, I attended law school and graduated 12th in my class at Loyola Law School.  I have been helping people with their legal needs in the Northwest since 1985.

My life-the man, the myth, the legend

Looking back on my life I have been very fortunate to have experience some very enjoyable and pleasant events, some unique, some ordinary but rewarding. As I mentioned I am a father of five children and grandfather of five grandchildren. I am very fortunate to have one of the most wonderful women in the world as my wife for the last 40 years. My world revolves around my family. I would do anything for my family to make sure that they are taken care of in good times and in bad times, whether I am alive or dead. I must confess to you that although I know how important it is to make sure my family does not collapse after my disability or passing. I have practiced in the Northwest since 1985, but did not get around to doing my own estate planning until recently.  I can understand how my prospective clients have procrastinated. No one likes to talk about disability, incapacity and death, not even me.  I procrastinated, probably like you have done, hoping that nothing bad would happen to my family.

Some things you would not know about me

When I graduated from high school, I was offered a professional baseball contract. During college I was able to spend a week with John and Linda McCartney, and Ringo of the Beatles. I grew up with neighbors who later became a well-known rock group, the Turtles. I met my wife and six days later asked her to marry me and 40 years later she is still putting up with me.


Why I became a lawyer

I became a lawyer not to resolve fights in court, but to prevent fights among family members. As a lawyer, it has also put me in a position to be able to give back to the community. I am involved with my church, I donate to charities, and I have done estate planning for charities to help raise donations. I love what I do, helping people plan so their families don’t bicker and fight after their disability or a family death.

Don’t Procrastinate


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