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Personal Guaranty


As a client of Pike Professional Legal Services you will be satisfied with your estate plan or the administration of your loved one’s Probate, you will understand the process, and we will review each planning document with you before you sign your documents. I take pride in providing my clients with the service and quality they deserve when making some of the most important decisions of their lifetime. I have practiced for over 30 years and adhere to a high standard of conduct and principles in running my law practice.  If you elect to be my client I promise that I will provide the following to you in handling your estate plan or probate administration.

Your Custom Estate Plan Will be Designed and Completed By An Attorney Experienced in Estate Planning, Tax Law, Court Proceedings, and is Up to Date on these Areas of the Law

I promise that when you hire my firm and me to complete your estate plan, I will personally design, explain to you, and complete your estate plan myself.  Many larger firms will have work on your estate plan done by attorneys with limited experience or through the use of paralegals. I will handle all of the work, except the typing on your estate plan.

Personal Attention Will Be Given to Your Needs, Goals and Values

I promise you will receive individual attention, one-on-one attorney consultations with me. We will not draft an estate plan until you have reviewed the options for your situation, the plan has been outlined and explained to you, and you are satisfied that the plan will accomplish your goals and needs.  Before I design a plan and make a recommendation, we will explore your current situation, your needs, your goals, your value system, discuss any special situations, and determine your priority in what you want to accomplish. Only then, will a recommendation on a solution be made.

Your Questions Will be Answered

I will be there to answer all your questions, explain the process and documents, and listen to your concerns until the process is complete.

Integrity and Honesty

It should go without saying that your lawyer should be honest and a person of integrity.  Lawyers can possess varying experience, knowledge, and technical skills. But no lawyer should give his or her clients less than 100 % honesty and integrity. I promise that I will be honest with you, provide you with the best information I have, not promote any plan that is not based on your values, goals and needs, and I will act to protect your interests without compromise.

High Quality Service at an Affordable Price

I worked for decades at high quality law firms. These firms required large staffs, significant office spaces, large benefit packages for employees, retirement plans, and elaborate conference rooms.

I have the unique situation of maintaining simple offices, hiring only staff needed on a particular project, and maintaining low overhead. I can pass the savings on to my clients. Therefore, I can provide the same quality service that I have always provided, but at an affordable price. I feel that prospective clients should not be prevented from taking care of their loved ones and families, due to the high price of estate planning services.

I keep my fees reasonable and affordable. This is fair to my clients who want to take care of their loved ones and prevent chaos at their disability or death, and provides me with an adequate income.  My fees are lower than some high priced fancy office attorney on the high end and higher than non-lawyer document services known as the do-it-yourself legal services with their one-size fits all form. I promise that I will do my best to maintain my prices in this range.

You Will Know Your Estate Plan Cost When You Authorize the Work- No Surprises

Fixed Fee Pricing:

I have learned over the years that most of my estate planning clients need a plan that involves either a Will Package or a Trust Package. While the 4-5 documents in each package may be the same type document, the individual facts and situation for each client requires legal analysis and customization to fit the client’s needs, goals, and values. Therefore, for most situations, I can quote a fixed fee for services before obtaining client approval to proceed.

Free Initial Consultation.

At Pike Professional Legal Services we do not believe in surprises. I will spend about an hour with you identifying your assets, liabilities, cash flow, family members, special situations, goals in planning, your values, and any other areas that might affect your estate planning.  Once the initial consolation is complete, I will usually be able to recommend a solution. I promise I will provide you with a proposal and an exact fee for designing and drafting the estate plan documents. No surprises. No extra add on fees and costs.

Final Payment is Expected Only When You are Satisfied.  Upon retaining us to complete your estate plan, you will be expected to pay half the quoted fee. When your plan is complete, been reviewed with you, and you are satisfied with your plan the balance will be due.

We Make House Calls

Office/ Living Facility/House Calls and Weekend or Evening Visits:  We will do these special situation appointments. We know how difficult it can be for working parents to get off work during the day or for others to travel to our offices.  Generally, we will not charge extra for these services. However, these appointments may require a separate travel fee if not within 45 miles of one of our offices.

Next Step

If you have questions or would like to start the process, I will be more than happy to speak with you about your situation and answer any questions. You may reach me personally at (503) 888-0952.

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